OhZiggy Clothing was created by its owner and seamstress, Andrea Bolen. Andrea began OhZiggy because of her love of fashion mainly, but also because she wanted to show her children that if you want something enough that you have to be willing to take a few risks & put yourself out there. Aside from wanting to do what she loves and teaching her children some valuable lessons, Andrea wanted to make a difference in the world of sweatshops and big corporations. OhZiggy may be fun, unique alternative fashion but we also have a voice that we utilize to bring change. What’s more punk rock than that!? 

We create alternative clothing to keep the individuality, the creativity, and the uniqueness alive. Children are so naturally individualistic that seeing how little of options are out there for alternative clothing was heartbreaking so OhZiggy was created. We have now expanded to all sizing because not only children are in need of more options to express themselves, and we see that! Our greatest joy is hearing about each piece a customer has handpicked specifically for themselves, or their little.

Thank you for trusting OhZiggy with your style needs since 2017!